Meet Aysia

Meet Aysia

If you follow our socials - which you totally should be - you will know by now that Aysia is our muse and everyday warrior for the next few chilly winter months.

I met Aysia on our village street, when she was spruiking the newly opened slider diner. She is one of those instantly magnetic people whom you just want to know more about. Her accent peaked my interest and we started to chat.

Aysia is from Seattle and is passionate about it. Below she tells us what it was like to grow up there.

"Seattle was the best place to grow up for music and dancing. My best friend and I would drive to Downtown Seattle twice a week. Every Sunday we would go swing dancing. On Fridays we would catch a live show at one of the live venues. It is an awesome city!One of my favourite places is Pike's Place Market. I would try to go there as much as possible. If you are a tourist in Seattle it is a must".

Aysia is inquisitive, worldly beyond her years, and deeply passionate about tattoos, & travel. 

"Tattoos are my souvenirs. Packing a bag full of souvenirs is expensive when you have travelled as much as I have. I had been travelling around the world for 2 years before settling down in Melbourne.

I have tattoos from Prague, Athens, Melbourne, Auckland, Manila, and Bali.

I will be getting a few more to add to the collection once my visa is approved here in Australia. Unfortunately I am unable to leave the country until that comes through. My wings have been clipped for a little while but not for long!"


Next time we meet with Aysia she'll tell us what all that ink means to her.