Mother's Day

Being a Mum is above all a privilege........
I think sometimes we can get caught up too much in the 'how to' or 'how not to' and forget to just roll with it.
There is no rule book and you don't get a gold medal at the end. What you get are beautiful children and cherished memories. And that is more than enough.
At the end of the day our children are going to remember the fun games we play with them, the silly songs we make up and sing to them and the tickles and cuddles.
What they definitely will not remember is if the washing was folded, the dishes done and if dinner was gourmet.
So this weekend tell your mum or mother figure the fun things you remember because you never know how long she is around for. And if you are a Mum, give yourself a break and go and tickle your kids because before you know it they will no longer want to be tickled.
P.S. Messy house. Happy kids.